Our Story

We started Kubit after tried and built several product analytics platforms before, with 50MM MAU with 2B events/day. We know the significance of having One Single Source of Truth to have all your analytics tools talking to the same data set you already build and own. We are also tired of SDKs, ETL jobs and surprise bills or data sampling. Kubit is built on top of all the best practices and painful lessons we learnt. 

Kubit is the only Product Analytics platform that runs directly on your cloud data warehouse. We deliver Self-Service product insights to help you better understand user behavior, improve engagement retention, and fuel product growth. Our No-Code integration requires no SDK or batch job and directly use your existing data model with complete transparency and data freedom.

What Matters to Us

We value domain expertise, automation, and transparency and data freedom. We strive to be agile and fast, humble and pragmatic. In a word (or three), our service is faster, clearer, and easier than anything you’ve ever seen.

What We Do

It’s simple: data, insights, automation and collaboration.

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