Braze Integration

Cohort-Driven Marketing Automation


By integrating Kubit’s Self-Service Analytics with Braze’s customer engagement and mobile marketing automation platform, you can utilize Kubit to define and analyze user cohorts dynamically, then use Braze to target them directly to improve your user engagement. 

Furthermore, all of your Braze data can be incorporated back into Kubit to give you insights to the full lifecycle of your users, from attribution to behavior to engagement. 



  • The Braze Integration feature is only available to Kubit Enterprise customers.
  • Your customer data in Kubit and Braze must have matching User IDs for this integration to match customers between the two platforms. This includes Anonymous UUIDs.
  • Please read about how Braze set User IDs here.
  • This integration invokes Braze REST API calls (/users/track) to function. These calls will be counted towards your API limits and quota on Braze side. For details on this topic, please refer to Braze documentation here.


Configure Braze Integration

  • Create a dedicated Braze API Key for this integration. This step gives you full control of the permissions. 
    • Visit your Braze Developer Console on your Braze Dashboard. 
    • Navigate to "Technology Partners", find Kubit
    • Copy the Data Import Key and REST Endpoint information and send them to Kubit support securely
  • Kubit will config on their side and let you know when the integration is live.

Sync Kubit Cohorts to Braze

  • Create a cohort in Kubit. First use Cohort in Kubit to define the criteria to select your target customers to engage through Braze.


    • Import to Braze. Once a cohort is saved, you import sync these users to Braze so they can be used in Braze Segments to send them email or push notifications (through Campaign or Canvas). There are two import schedule modes:
      • One-Time Sync: Import once now.
      • Scheduled Sync: Import daily, weekly or monthly at a specific time. 

Note: each cohort can only have one live import schedule.


  • Check Import Status. Whenever an import is completed, an email notification will be sent to the Recipient(s) specified in the import schedule. You can also check a cohort’s import status in Schedules. The schedule history will display every import's execution time, outcome and number of total users who were imported to Braze.

You can manually trigger an import by clicking on Import to Braze icon for that import schedule.


Create Braze Segments with Kubit Cohorts

After cohorts are imported to Braze, you can use them as Filters to create Braze Segments and include them in Braze Campaigns or Canvas. Here is a reference about how to create Segments on Braze. 


Analyze Braze Data in Kubit

If you are using Snowflake, you can also take advantage of Snowflake Secure Data Sharing to share your Braze data with Kubit to incorporate them into Kubit’s Self-Service Analytics and provide you the full picture of users’ lifecycle, from attribution to behavior to engagement.

For references, here are all the Braze tables which are available to be incorporated into Kubit analytics. The details of this step are very customer specific and require special configurations. Please talk to your Kubit Account Manager or to learn more.