Release Notes


September 2021


2021-09-16 R213

  • Median Function in Query: support statistic function median() in Query. 
  • Formula Input Tuning: various UX tuning on inputs in all Formulas

August 2021


2021-08-18 R210

  • Breakdown Bucketing: support bucketing for numeric field in breakdown. For example: breakdown by Age or Install Days with pre-defined bucket definitions.

  • Relative Time Window for Install + X days: when Install Date is used for group by, the analysis will only consider all the events happened within X days since Install Date.
    • Note: this feature is only enabled for Query in this release. Funnel will come in the next release. 

2021-08-11 R209

  • Subject Bucketing and Histogram: Support group by Subject (user, device or session) in Query with bucketing (occurrences of Subjects in each bin) and show the distribution in histogram with statistics (min, max, mean, median, standard deviation and 95-percentile). 
    • For example: Count Event(Download) for Subject=User and Bucketing=Range10
      • Query returns for each date, the count of Users who have a certain number of Download events for each bin (0-2, 2-4, 4-6, 6-8, 8-10, 10+). 

      • In bar chart view, right click a certain date to "Expand" it to show the histogram to get a sense of the distribution of the occurrences
  • Expand Bar Chart: right click a certain date on bar chart to "Expand" it.  

July 2021


2021-07-22 R205

  • Retention: Support Subject. Applicable customers can now analyze retention by user or device.
  • Switch to Slack Channel for In-App Support. Access support in Slack from anywhere within the application.

2021-07-19 R204

  • Query: Time Window for Install date. When Install date is selected, the look forward time window must be specified now (number of days). This means for the users with an Install date (cohort), analyze how many days of Events. Previously this value is hard coded as 90 days.  

  • Query: New Time Bucket - All Time. A new time bucket A (stands for "All Time") is introduced. When All Time is selected, the data within the selected date range is treated as a whole instead of grouped by Day/Week/Month/Year.

  • Retention
    • New Cohort Time Bucket - All Time. Treat all users within the selected date range as a whole instead of separate cohorts by Day/Week/Month/Year.
    • Retention Time Window: analyze how many days of data for each cohort. Leave it blank as a default to restrict to only the data within the selected date range (show a triangle of retention chart).

2021-07-02 R203

  • Increase field value limit to 25: allow up to 25 values to selected in a filter for any field
  • Session Duration: only for applicable customers
  • Cumulative Sum View: show the Cumulative Sum in line/bar chart for Query 

June 2021


2021-06-22 R202

  • Up to 500 Groups in Export: increase to 500 groups when Export to CSV or Jupyter
  • A/B Test Experiments and Treatments/Variants: only for applicable customers 
  • Measure and Alias Improvements:
    • Default optional, using + sign to specify value
    • Use Event name as default alias for Measure (in Query) and Step (in Funnel)

2021-06-08 R201

  • Subject and Partition in Funnel/Path:
    • Provide the option of analyzing by User or Device (if applicable) as Subject
    • By default, Partition the events by Day (all events have to happen within the same calendar day). For certain applicable customers, Partition by Session is also provided (all events have to happen within the same session). 

2021-06-01 R200

  • Path Usability Improvements: make it easier to show information about an edge; wrap text for long event names
  • Bug fixes: cohort, retention, workspace UI alignments
  • Promote Schedule to the top level menu on the side

May 2021


2021-05-26 R199

  • Session Support: Unique Session function and First Session flag (Only for selected customers who provides required data like session_id and first_session_id) 
  • Breakdown by Install Date, Install Week and Install Month: exact field names may vary by customers

2021-05-19 R198

  • Support IdP Initiated SSO: Single Sign On from authentication provider directly 
  • Dynamic Join with Dimension Tables: only join with dimension tables when a dimension field is specified in Formula to boost performance

2021-05-12 R197

  • RudderStack Integration: open-source CDP 
  • Filter by Date Fields: eg Install Date

2021-05-06 R196

  • Nested Property: expose the internal properties of a JSON or BigQuery Struct field for Filter, Breakdown or Function.

April 2021


2021-04-28 R195

  • New Filter Widget

Release Notes 1


2021-04-21 R194

  • Performance Improvements: query optimization, mostly for BigQuery/Firebase customers


2021-04-14 R193

  • Reorder Funnel Steps and Query measures: use drag-n-drop to reorder the steps in Funnel or Measures in Query
  • Insert steps in Funnel: insert steps in the middle of the funnel


2021-04-06 R192

  • Copy SQL for every analysis: available for Enterprise tier or as Add-on package
  • Bug fix: Edit Dashboard chart order issue.  

March 2021


  • Data Dictionary: show detailed information about Field, Event, Cohort, Measure, Filter.
  • UI improvements: compact sidebar; moved Existing Cohorts to Dictionary.
  • Search: Event, Field and Field Value search improvements.

February 2021


  • Named Measures: save a Measure which can be shared by others
  • Retention: Classic and Range retention, supporting different time bucket for Cohort and Retention

January 2021


  • mParticle Integration: ingest mParticle events.
  • Braze Integration: import cohort information to Braze to segment users with push/email campaigns.
  • Prediction (beta): shows how some action events can “predict” the probability which users will move from a source cohort to a target cohort.