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User Behavior, Engagement Retention, Growth Marketing
Self-Service Query, segmentation and formula
Self-Service Query, segmentation and formula


Build your own Query, Funnel, Retention, and Path reports in seconds--and share your insights with others through Workspace and Board.

Better understand user behavior with Query segmentation and formula, analyze Effects, and build models with Prediction, all tailored to the rich contexts for your business.

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Kubit No-Code Integrations


Turn your data warehouse into an analytics powerhouse and achieve full control of your data using a single source of truth--all without the need for any coding or SDK.

Get a clear picture of the whole user lifecycle with seamless integrations with leading data partners in the ecosystem, including Adjust, Braze and Segment.

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Kubit No-Code Integrations
AI-Powered Anomaly Detection and Diagnostics
AI-Powered Anomaly Detection and Diagnostics


Conduct deep analysis with Forecast and Prediction, Anomaly Detection, and Automated Diagnostics, all powered by AI and machine learning. 

Take control of your data quality and Data Dictionary with proactive monitoring and management tools.

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Collaboration Workspace and Annotation


Make better data-driven decisions through collaboration in Workspace, a “Slack for analytics'' where data and discussion coexist. Visualize and share your whole thought process and evidence pool with Board, which offers the ability to annotate across charts. 

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Collaboration Workspace and Annotation
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"We were using Tableau and I was amazed at how Kubit has made it easier for me to slice and dice the data without getting others involved. Within a month with Kubit, we were able to improve our onboarding flow's Day 1 ROAS by over 30% which paid for the whole year of service many times over.

I have been using BI and analytics for nearly twenty years and Kubit is one of the best investments I have ever made in this area! I highly recommend you give them a try because their customer support is even better than their software!!"
Daniel Todd
"I’m thoroughly impressed with Kubit. They make it easy for everyone on our product team to understand our data. Our decisions are quicker now, and we make fewer careless communication mistakes."
Yuanming Shan
SVP of Analytics and Data Science, Smule

“What I appreciate about Kubit is that you don’t have to be a numbers person to understand the data. It’s like everyone on our team took a master class in product analytics.”

Chung-Man Tam

CEO, 2ndAddress

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