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2022 Release Notes

2022-07-27 R257

  • Improvement: Support more than one event group (5 groups) in Path and Retention which effectively raises the limit on the number of Starting/Ending Event(s) from 5 to 25.

2022-07-21 R256

  • Funnel:  added the ability to end a sequential Funnel with an exclusion. It works when Order = Sequence, or Funnel step is Sequence when Order = Custom. You can now specify event = Any on the last funnel step once the preconditions above are met and an exclude event is set. This is useful when you want to segment users who are on a journey and have done, for example, A, B and C, but haven't done D after C.
  • Retention: added Unbounded retention mode which is useful whenever user behaviour patterns occur over a longer time period, e.g. once a month. In this case if we wanted to count the user as retained only on the date when they returned we would use Retention: Normal. However, if we wanted to count the user as retained on any date up to the return date we would use Retention: Unbounded.
  • Retention: in addition to the ability to calculate retention based on Calendare dates, now you can also calculate based on 24 Hour Windows. The 24 Hour Window defines each day as an interval equal to exactly 24 hours after each user's Starting Event(s) timestamp. Previously Kubit only supported the Calendar Date definition of a day.

2022-07-14 R255

Added ability to calculate Churn rate in Retention

You can now do Churn analysis in Retention by simply flipping a switch. Does not require re-execution for existing analyses.

Added ability to calculate Rolling Retention in addition to Normal (default).

  • Normal: if user returns on day X of the retention period they are counted as retained
  • Rolling: for a user to be counted as retained on day X they have to also have come back on every day of the retention period from 1 to X

Added Day 0 to Retention

Retention analysis results now also include a column for users who returned on the same Day/Week/Month/Year. Existing analyses will not be broken, but since the results are cached this column will be empty. In case you want to see results for Day 0 all you need to do is execute the analysis again.

Enabled Bar chart and Y-axis controls in Retention

  • You can now also view Retention results as Bar charts
  • Y-axis controls are available for Line and Bar chart Retention results

2022-07-07 R254

  • Usability: added a tooltip which shows the timezone for all displayed dates.
  • Funnel: added support for multiple groups when only two steps are enabled which allows for a particular conversion rate to be compared across multiple breakdown groups. Here's an example in which we make a 3-step funnel a 2-step funnel by deselecting the middle step from the chart view and then showing multiple groups on the same chart.

2022-06-30 R253

  • Added the ability to save chart preferences. These include all modifications you can do to a chart once an analysis is executed such as which groups are shown in the result, the type of the chart (bar, linear, etc) and the measure. To save the chart preferences and share it with your co-workers you can click "Save Chart" in the context menu. Works on any chart in Kubit.

2022-06-22 R252

  • Segmenting users has been made easier - you can now create cohorts from a Funnel or Retention Chart as shown below. You can then save each newly created cohort for your whole team to re-use elsewhere in Kubit as a filter or breakdown.

2022-06-17 R251

  • Funnel is now showing conversion percentage on the Y axis by default and there is a toggle in the context menu to switch it to count instead. The percentages are also shown on top of each bar:
  • When conversion is turned off the Y axis displays the count:

2022-06-01 R249

  • Support for 3rd filter group in all Formulas.
  • "Overall" (total) is now optional in Retention and Query (turned off by default). An "Overall" toggle only appears once a Breakdown field is specified. When turned "On" results are shown for both breakdown per group and the overall. When turned "Off" results are shown only for the breakdown groups.

2022-05-18 R247

  • Icons displaying query state in Query History - “Running” or “Failed”
  • "Execute now" button added to Schedule

2022-05-04 R245

  • Group by modes in Retention - Starting or Global. Groupby is only applicable when there is a Breakdown specified. For example, if there was a Breakdown per Country, when Groupby = Starting, Kubit will group users only for the Starting Event(s) and ignore the Returning Event(s) Country code. When Groupby = Global, both Starting and Returning Event's have to have the same Country code.
  • Dual Y Axes control for all Bar and Line charts
  • Generate random analysis names to display in Formula History instead of the analysis number. The number is still preserved and is part of the URL path to the analysis. Aliased analysis is displayed in History in the following format: "Alias - analysis number".

2022-04-27 R244

  • Query improvement - ability to plot distribution and its breakdown over 1 criteria in the same result set. This is achieved by specifying a subject, bucket range, breakdown and the period needs to be set to "All" as in the example below:

2022-03-31 R240

  • Funnel improvements
  • Support up to 10 steps
  • Support multiple events in funnel steps

  • New cohort time window - Current: segment users within the Current day of the referring formula (equals to "rolling backward/forward 0 day".  

2022-03-24 R239

  • Bar chart improvements: support sorting options

  • Change measure's format in charts: change each measure's format without requiring re-execute the analysis

2022-03-10 R237

  • Attribution mode in Retention: introduce two different attribution modes in Retention which decides how users (subjects) are counted in different starting cohorts (D0)
  • Linear: if a user appears in multiple dates in starting cohorts, they will be counted in each of these dates. This is the new default mode.
  • First: user will only be counted for the date (starting cohort) when they first appear

  • Updated date picker: improved date pickers for date range selection

  • More Y-Axis controls: specify the min/max for the Y-Axis in Linear scale

2022-02-03 R232

  • Funnel Cohort: for the users who converted or dropped off at a certain step of a funnel.

  • Retention Cohort: for the users who returned, retained or not retained at certain time (number of days since starting event)

  • Date selector for Funnel with breakdowns: compare funnels between all groups for a single date.

2022-01-12 R229

  • Cohort in Global Filter: support filtering by cohort (users who fit a certain criteria) in all formulas.

  • Percentile Function: compute the percentile value for a property. eg Percentile(0.8) means the 80-percentile value.

2022-01-05 R228

  • Custom Order in Funnel: support mixing Sequence and Exact steps in Funnel

  • Dashboard Permission Control: only the creator/owner of the Dashboard can make changes to it.

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